Monday, August 19, 2013

Life Is Caffeinated (Part Two of Two)

1. Now for the political part of this week's blog. I've noticed that we have an incredible, overwhelming obsession with sex. I'm going to call it "obsexing." All movement from the right seems to have some connection with trying to prevent people, especially women, from having it. New York City mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner,  can't stop "sexting," no matter what it costs him, and his poor wife and son. The mayor of San Diego can't stop himself from making inappropriate remarks, and touching women inappropriately. It is just wonder our legislatures can't get anything done. They can't get sex off their minds. Is it like this everywhere?

2. I do stand against all the government spying on Americans. Not as much as I stand against our drone program, but I don't like the idea of the government spying on us. But can you imagine how much sarcasm, loathing, bitching...whatever word you like, would be poured out against the president if we had another 911 on this president's watch. Not only because of the hand wringing over the fact that the black man won, but the stupid saw that democrats are always soft on national defense and/or crime?

3. Reince Priebus is a coward. Yes, I know that's not a question, but hear me out. There were 976 republican presidential debates in 2012, and then 3 or 4 debates between the president and Mitt Romney. They were horrible for the republicans. It was very sad, and demolished any chance the republicans had of winning back the White House. The republicans did absolutely nothing but show how little they had to offer the American people, how stupid their ideas (or lack of them) were. This is the reason that the head of the Republican National Committee is working so hard to find an excuse in 2013 not to have his candidates debate on NBC or CNN. It has absolutely nothing to do with the possibility of TV movies being made about Hilary Clinton. No one is silly enough to think that a movie made now is going to be remembered in 3 years, when it would matter. And these debates, and the networks that produce them have quite a bit of power over the elections. Proof of that is the fact that the networks prevent certain people from being included in their debates, and those candidates seem to have little impact on the actual votes. Reince...if you're worried about your candidates being overshadowed by anything, worry about it being overshadowing by their own stupid remarks. Find candidates who are electable, and lets have a real race. Give us some ideas that don't include exclusion or the denying of rights to large swaths of the electorate, such as women, gays and people of color. If your party continues down the road it is on, debates and TV movies are the least of your worries, Sir.

4. There has been a great deal of violence, now and historically against non-violent protesters. I remember my grandmother hatefully blaming Martin Luther King for the violence that rose up around the protests he orchestrated for equal rights. And it occurs to me now that the problem is guilt toward non-violence, as much as fear of the rightness of their movement, though there is some of that as well. But peaceful protests make the angry and hateful feel guilty and do stupid things. Because after all, using violence against peaceful protests makes the side in power look even worse.

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